eTender introduces Guestplan

We have been live with Guestplan since March 1st and in the past few weeks we have added a number of new features. eTender Guestplan is a completely new reservation system and the successor of eTender Online.

Maximum return

Get the maximum return from Guestplan by making optimal use of all possibilities. In the manual you can read everything you need to know how to get started with Guestplan. All functions, applications and settings are discussed separately and in conjunction.

Read our guide here: We’ve outlined the 7 most important new features below.

#1 Floor plan

This is of course an indispensable overview for restaurants! Moreover, this is one of the most used overviews of the iOS app for iPad. The floor plan is especially useful for employees who, after months of closure, no longer know which tables are where. The floor plan offers an interactive overview in which the occupancy and reservations are indicated per time. You can easily create the floor plan yourself by moving and shaping tables.

Read here how to set the floor plan:

#2 Table overview

The table overview with times and table numbers is one of our best inventions from 2006 and the reason we exist is thanks to this. This overview allows you to see exactly which tables are occupied. This tool is essential, especially for busy restaurants. We have now made the overview even more interactive with zooming in/out, smart dragging of reservations to other table numbers and adding walk-ins.

Read more about the table overview here >

#3 Table arrangements

You can manually set the preference for table arrangements yourself. For each group size you can specify the order of tables and combinations. The reservations are placed exactly in that order. But that can be done even smarter, so this is done automatically. By placing reservations on tables yourself, the system recognizes all table arrangements.

Read here how to set the seating arrangements:

#4 Minimum duration of a reservation

The minimum reservation duration is an important function with a view to optimal table occupancy. This allows you to set the minimum reservation duration that you want to offer to your guests. It is a very powerful and complex feature, which has been made very simple by Guestplan. Stay hospitable because you decide how long you want to offer a guest a table, taking into account crowds, staffing and kitchen capacity. If a table is reserved at 8:00 PM, guests can reserve it with a fixed end time. Guestplan ensures that guests who book it see this end time. You only determine the minimum reservation duration, Guestplan does the math. This way you get a double occupancy, without sacrificing hospitality.

What’s even nicer is that the minimum reservation duration does not only look at table occupancy, but also respects capacity. If you set the capacity of a room to 30, for example, then the minimum reservation duration also applies. This way you never have more than 30 guests in a room at the same time - regardless of who is sitting where! The minimum reservation duration therefore ensures maximum occupancy!

Read more about the minimum reservation duration here:

#5 Widget for online reservations

The online reservation widget on your restaurant’s website includes new features. View all functions of the widget here. Share this link with your website administrator:

#6 Reservation of Services

Certain ‘services’ can be reserved via the widget. This is a collective name for promotions, deals, arrangements, events, tickets, offers and terrace reservations. Terrace reservations are linked to a room, namely: Terrace. Guests can also pay (deposit) directly during the reservation. Read more about Services here:

#7 Sending automatic reservation confirmation emails

This part has been completely changed and is very essential. As soon as someone makes an online reservation, cancels or changes the reservation, the guest will receive an email. You can completely customize the text of the email yourself. In the renewed message center you can set all e-mail messages and rules.

Read more about the Message Center here:

The redesigned email confirmations have a modern look and are optimized. The layout of the email is determined by your logo and color. It is therefore important that you set the logo of your restaurant.

Read here how to set your logo:

Do you have questions, comments or suggestions? Send an email to

PLEASE NOTE: eTender will be offline as of October 15, 2021.

About Guestplan

100% hospitable, affordable and optimal ease of use. That is what Guestplan is all about. For over 15 years, Guestplan has provided a 360° restaurant reservation system with easy-to-use features that support online reservations, table management, floor plans, and more. Leading restaurants and chains worldwide work with Guestplan’s digital reservation system with which they visualize their reservations in our interactive and easy overviews.