Reliable Reservation System Does Not Have to Be Expensive

Guestplan (formerly eTender) has been a household name in the hospitality industry since 2006. They are one of the first companies to approach the market with reliable and powerful reservation software. Since then, Guestplan has become an indispensable part of thousands of restorers worldwide.

Guestplan is no longer the only provider of reservation software. Yet there is an important difference. The price. Because reliable, user-friendly and powerful reservation software does not have to be expensive. So why pay so much?

What belongs to one person to extra functionalities with a significantly higher price tag is mainstream for another. This applies, for example, to automatic table arrangements and minimum reservation duration. Guestplan offers these two important features at no additional cost.

Automatic table arrangements

Imagine that as a restaurateur or manager you can set up a function on Monday morning that ensures that Friday is fully booked, without concessions and with optimal occupancy. Everything that staff used to do manually now goes online at lightning speed and error-free. In other words, you can arrange your table arrangements automatically with a preference list. Guestplan has been offering this for quite some time, but many restaurants still do this manually. A shame, because time is often not your best friend. Guestplan has now better informed this function. You can now submit it manually. Just the way you want it.

Minimum reservation duration

An important function with a view to optimum table occupancy. For example, you can set the minimum reservation duration that you want to offer to your guests, taking into account crowds, staffing and kitchen capacity. Guestplan then calculates the options itself and offers them online. It is a very powerful and complex feature made very simple and affordable by Guestplan. Is your minimum reservation time 60 minutes? But do you have a table available for 1 hour and 15 minutes? Then the guest is assigned the table for that time. But if you only have a table available for 45 minutes, Guestplan will automatically close it for you. Guestplan does the math. This way you get a double occupancy, without compromising on hospitality.

Getting started with Guestplan?

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About Guestplan

100% hospitable, affordable and optimal ease of use. That is what Guestplan is all about. For over 15 years, Guestplan has provided a 360° restaurant reservation system with easy-to-use features that support online reservations, table management, floor plans, and more. Leading restaurants and chains worldwide work with Guestplan’s digital reservation system with which they visualize their reservations in our interactive and easy overviews.