Guestplan is the Quarterback of Your Entire Team in the Workplace

There is a lot to consider when managing a restaurant. Time is money and we do everything we can to keep a grip on the organisation. With Guestplan as a reservation tool, a lot is taken off your hands. Various functions support the owner and the entire team in managing and streamlining the organization. It is therefore important to sit down for a while when you start using our reservation software. Guestplan is indeed quick and easy to use, but if you really want to get the most out of it and use it as it is intended, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the software step by step. In this way it will do its job optimally and serve as a marketing and efficiency tool.

Table Management; let go and trust our software

One of our favorite features is table management. A function that is regularly underexposed, while it is actually a tool that saves time and grows your turnover. For that reason, this function is enabled by default for our users. Trust in Guestplan’s software means that you can let go of all the worries about your guest reservations. Take Center Parcs Europe, for example, a large chain that, with the correct use of our software, no longer cares about the reservations that come in. Nothing is printed anymore and nothing is done manually. Everything is fully automatic.

QR Codes

Especially now with the use of QR codes, this is a tool that every Guestplanner should work with. Potential guests can easily & quickly make a reservation with a QR code on your window or door. Let them scan the QR code and Guestplan will automatically match the reservation to the table that is available. The same applies to reservations made through your website. This tool also ensures that your restaurant can never be overbooked, but will always be optimally occupied. Table arrangements are learned automatically while working with Guestplan. This has become an indispensable tool for restaurant chains that use Guestplan. It takes a lot of work off your hands; precious time that can be spent in a different way. For example, Guestplan’s software is also referred to as the logistics of the company. Guestplan automatically assigns tables exactly as you would. There is no longer staff involved.

Getting started with Guestplan?

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About Guestplan

100% hospitable, affordable and optimal ease of use. That is what Guestplan is all about. For over 15 years, Guestplan has provided a 360° restaurant reservation system with easy-to-use features that support online reservations, table management, floor plans, and more. Leading restaurants and chains worldwide work with Guestplan’s digital reservation system with which they visualize their reservations in our interactive and easy overviews.