Meer gasten, beter inzicht en tijdsbesparing: de voordelen van Guestplan

“The times of a thick reservation book next to the phone are far behind us. Fortunately, because with an automatic reservation system such as Guestplan you get so much more out of your business.” Rafael van der Linden – franchiser owner (location Arnhem and Den Bosch) at restaurant De Beren – talks about the advantages of this affordable reservation system.


“The main reason we use Guestplan is the unburdening it gives us. In our restaurant in Den Bosch we have 150 seats, in Arnhem 116. If you let that go, your restaurant is full in a second and you no longer have an overview. With this reservation system you can see immediately how many tables are still available. Moreover, you can play with the number of guests and the number of empty seats, and their range spread, because the floor plan of the restaurant is visualized. Very pleasant. The biggest advantage is that you get the most out of your table occupation. And that is reflected in your turnover!”


“Guestplan allows direct reservations via Google Maps; I think that’s very progressive. And above all very handy and service-oriented towards (new) guests. There is also a special tool for promotions, deals and discounts. It includes so many more features that streamline your restaurant operations. Such as the number of maximum free seats that you want to allow per table. Or changing table numbers, simply by dragging them to another table number. If that table is already occupied, it is automatically moved to another free spot. The maximum number of guests that you want to allow per 15 minutes – so that your bar and kitchen remain manageable – is also a handy option.”


“I think Guestplan is a good comprehensive system that is very user-friendly and that your entire team can easily work with. The great thing is that this system is, as it were, self-learning. If you regularly merge two tables of four, this will eventually be recognized and, where possible, also used as a table for eight people. A very strong system has been built with simplicity. At the same time, there are advanced technologies behind it that can take your business to a higher level. Yes, I can recommend Guestplan to other entrepreneurs without any hesitation. It is user-friendly, timesaving, effective and innovative. I wouldn’t want to work without it anymore!”