In the hospitality industry, delivering exceptional service while ensuring optimal occupancy and profitability is very important.

By focusing on quality experiences and effective communication, Guestplan streamlines the restaurant-guest relationship to maximize guest satisfaction.

Seamless Booking Widget

Allow guests to book online directly from your website with a customizable booking widget that reflects your brand identity.

Eliminate the errors associated with manual phone reservations and improve the guest booking experience.

Good relationships begin with good communication

Ensure smooth guest interactions with timely confirmations, change notifications, cancellations, reminders, and post-visit thank you messages sent via customizable e-mail or text message.

Maximize revenue

Optimize revenue streams with automatic table assignment and intelligent features that learn table layouts to achieve optimal occupancy.

Define custom rules to prioritize specific tables and eliminate the risk of overbooking. Guestplan is your guarantee that your resources are used efficiently.

Never miss a reservation

Stay on top of your restaurant’s schedule with real-time views of upcoming reservations across all devices.

Your inventory is synchronized with integrated partners and Google in real time, eliminating the risk of missed bookings.

Recognize returning guests

With Guestplan, you can easily identify returning and regular guests. Add personalized notes and cater to their preferences based on past reservations.

Squeeze in more reservations

Use our intelligent algorithm to automatically find a place for new reservations by shortening their duration when your restaurant is getting full. Increase efficiency, returns, and occupancy – define your own rules to automate what was previously done by phone.

Your Restaurant, Your rules

Control the flow of your restaurant by limiting the number of guests and reservations per time slot, improving operational efficiency and allowing staff to focus on quality service.

Implement double occupancy with early and late shifts to further optimize resource utilization.



Together, we will turn your guests into repeat customers.


Work together in real-time on any phone, tablet, or laptop.


Insight-driven marketing automation tools to grow, build and analyze guest relationships.

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