Unlock the power of Guestplan’s marketing automation tools to enhance guest engagement and drive business growth.

From selling gift cards to analyzing reports and insights, our platform empowers you to build strong guest relationships, effectively target audiences and continuously improve your services.

Sell Gift Cards

Increase sales and loyalty with Gift Cards and provide a convenient gifting option for guests while bringing them back to your restaurant.

Enjoy low fees and direct payout upon purchase, making gift cards a lucrative revenue stream.

Reports and Insights

Move from guesswork to informed decision-making with our comprehensive reporting tools.

Identify and respond to trends in your data so you can optimize operations and improve the guest experience based on actionable insights.

CRM + Contact management

Your guests are your most valuable asset. Centralize and effectively manage guest data with our CRM and contact management system.

Recognize the value of your guests and cultivate strong relationships by capturing and using key information to tailor experiences.


Coming Soon

Gather valuable feedback and improve your restaurant’s reputation with integrated review solutions. Encourage guests to leave reviews after their visit, track trends in your ratings, and gain insights to continually improve your service.

Whether reviews are private or public, Guestplan keeps you informed and proactive in managing your restaurant’s online reputation.

Newsletter campaigns

Coming Soon

Stay in touch with your guests through targeted newsletter campaigns.

Segment audiences based on a variety of criteria, such as visit frequency or birthday, to ensure your communications are personalized and effective.



Together, we will turn your guests into repeat customers.


Good relationships start with good communication. Find out how hospitality meets technology.


Work together in real-time on any phone, tablet, or laptop.

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