In the dynamic environment of a restaurant, effective teamwork is essential to delivering exceptional guest experiences.

From real-time synchronization to customizable user management, Guestplan empowers teams to work together efficiently and deliver memorable dining experiences.

Real-time Sync

Experience coordinated updates across all devices without delay. Automatic synchronization keeps everyone informed in real-time, eliminating the need for manual updates and ensures that everyone on your team is on the same page.

Access from Any Device

Easy access to Guestplan from any browser or mobile device. We also offer mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms with push notification support so you can respond immediately to new reservations, changes or cancellations.

Stay in Control

Customize every aspect of the reservation system to suit your restaurant’s unique needs. Define settings, table allocation rules, and time restrictions to maintain control and optimize operations for an efficient guest experience.

Switch between restaurants

Use one app and one login to manage more than one location. Switch views between restaurants with a single click.

User management

Control who can access the system and what permissions they have with user management features.

Track all reservation changes with detailed user attribution, providing clarity on who made each change. Easily review these changes in the reservation history, promoting transparency and accountability across your team.



Together, we will turn your guests into repeat customers.


Good relationships start with good communication. Find out how hospitality meets technology.


Insight-driven marketing automation tools to grow, build and analyze guest relationships.

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