Product Updates


We’re thrilled to unveil our latest feature: Gift Cards. Now, you can boost revenue and enhance customer loyalty with Gift Cards. Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions, our gift card feature empowers you to offer unforgettable dining experiences to your patrons while maximizing your restaurant’s profitability.

With our intuitive interface and seamless integration, selling and redeeming gift cards has never been simpler. Engage your customers, increase sales, and expand your brand’s reach—all while enjoying the cost-effectiveness and convenience of our cloud-based platform. Join the ranks of successful restaurateurs who trust our software to drive their business forward. Try our gift card feature today and see the difference it can make for your restaurant!

New options for Booking Widget

We’ve streamlined the consent management for newsletter subscriptions in the booking widget. Now, it’s easier than ever for your guests to subscribe to your newsletter with clear and straightforward consent options. Additionally, we’ve added the ability for you to display your own privacy policy and terms of conditions, ensuring transparency and compliance with data protection regulations. These updates are designed to give you greater control over your guest communication while maintaining trust and transparency.

Walk-Ins and Waitlist

Managing waitlist and walk-in reservations just got easier. Walk-ins are now presented in a clearer format. New menu button allows you to create them with just a click. Plus, you’ll notice that the number of waitlisted guests is prominently displayed in the toolbar, keeping you informed at a glance. These enhancements are designed to streamline your operations and ensure a seamless dining experience for your guests. Here’s to smoother operations and more efficient guest management!

👑 VIP Contacts

Now, you’ll see special icon for VIP contacts throughout the interface. This makes it easier to identify and prioritize your most important guests, enhancing your customer service.

Service Manager Update

This enhancement brings a new, simpler interface and additional options, making it easier for you to promote specials, deals, and promos at your restaurant. With these improvements, you can effectively showcase your offerings and attract more customers while streamlining your promotional efforts. It’s all about empowering you to drive business growth and enhance your restaurant’s marketing strategies. Cheers to staying ahead of the game and maximizing your restaurant’s potential!

Privacy Mode

Now you can set a time out after which your screen automatically blurs until you move your mouse. This functionality is designed to protect personal data in situations where guests might inadvertently see the screen. It’s a practical solution for maintaining privacy and security in your restaurant operations. With Privacy Mode, you can confidently handle sensitive information without worry, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for both you and your guests.

New Integrations

We’ve expanded our network of booking partners and integrated with three new platforms — Nappkin, My Lucky Table, and Breeze.Social. This means you now have even more options for managing your reservations seamlessly through our software. Whether it’s boosting your online presence, reaching new customers, or streamlining your booking process, these integrations have got you covered.

Block table after reservation

This feature allows you to block a table for a set period of time after a reservation has ended, providing you with the flexibility to prepare the table for the next guests without rushing. It’s a practical solution that ensures a seamless transition between reservations, optimizing your restaurant’s operations and enhancing the overall dining experience for your customers.

Further Language Translations Added: French, Slovak, and Czech

Continuing our commitment to accessibility and user convenience, we’re excited to announce the addition of French, Slovak, and Czech language translations to our online reservation management software. With these new translations, restaurant owners and staff who speak French, Slovak, or Czech can now utilize our platform in their native language, making reservation management even more efficient and user-friendly. This expansion of language options reflects our dedication to supporting diverse restaurant communities and ensuring that our software meets the needs of users around the world.

🇮🇹 Guestplan now speaks Italian

We have added Italian language translation to our online reservation management software. This enhancement allows our users to access the platform in Italian, providing greater accessibility and ease of use for Italian-speaking restaurant owners and staff. With this new feature, Italian users can navigate the system and manage reservations in their native language, further enhancing their experience with our software.

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