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Guestplan is a 360° restaurant reservation system with easy-to-navigate features that support online reservations, table management, floor plans and more.


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Features that Streamline Your Restaurant Operations

Whether you’re currently using a restaurant reservation system or are interested in getting started, Guestplan offers unparalleled cost-effectiveness, wide-spanning capabilities and an easy-to-navigate user interface.

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Reservation Scheduling Made Easy

With Guestplan’s digital reservation system, you can visualize guest reservations in our interactive and easily editable scheduling tool.

Each reservation contains the name, time, number of guests and table number for each booking, feeding directly into our table management tool.

Time-Saving Integrations

By using Guestplan as your restaurant reservation software, you can stay on top of your guest list, manage waiting lists and make reservation changes from one centralized location.


Our Guest List Keeps Your Team Organized

With the guest list tool on our reservation management system, you can plan reservations, track repeat guests and add special notes in an instant.

In just a few clicks, you can also update reservation statuses, filter through your guest list and search for specific reservations.

Dark Mode

During the day, the light mode has better contrast when there is more ambient light. In the evening or in dark rooms, the dark mode reduces the screen brightness.


Visualize Your Restaurant’s Floor Plan

Our table booking system provides a dynamic floor plan overview that changes based on the selected time and date - facilitating reservations and table arrangements for greater efficiency and profitability.

Real-Time Check Ins

Guestplan not only tracks check-ins at your reception desk but also connects to your existing point-of-sale (POS) system.

As a result, our digital reservation platform checks guests in and out automatically as bills are opened and closed, saving time while improving efficiency.

Discover why we’re trusted by leading restaurants and chains worldwide.

Online Reservations

As an online reservation booking system, Guestplan enables restaurants to add a booking button to their websites, integrating seamlessly with the platform’s full capabilities.

Reservations from your Website

With Guestplan, you can accept new restaurant reservations directly from your website.

Simply add our booking button to your website. As guests browse through your site pages, menu and gallery, they can book a reservation the moment that you capture their attention.

As a result, you can improve your conversion rate, increase ROI and encourage more guests to walk through your doors.

Reserve with Google

By adopting Guestplan as your restaurant reservation system, you’ll have complimentary access to Reserve with Google, a tool that allows prospective guests to book reservations directly from Google Search and Google Maps.

As a result, you can attract new guests, drive more reservations and increase exposure to locals and travelers alike.

As one of the best restaurant reservation systems on the market today, Guestplan offers a comprehensive lineup of value-adding features, including:

Reservation Management

Keep your restaurant’s reservations organized and optimized for your unique venue. Add names, times, number of guests, table placements and more to each reservation.

Email Notifications

Create custom emails and SMS notifications for reservation confirmations, cancellations, modifications, reminders and thank you messages to build greater guest loyalty.

Deals and Specials

Manage special promotions, deals and discounts that encourage prospective guests to book a reservation. Encourage new and repeat customers alike to walk through your doors.

Waitlist Management

Immediately fill in cancellations with waitlisted reservations on Guestplan. Automatically notify waitlisted guests and prioritize replacements based on when they were added.

Customizable Interfaces

With a wide range of customizable options, integrations, advanced settings, linkable 3rd party systems and more, Guestplan offers a tailored experience for your unique restaurant.

POS Integration

Guestplan connects with POS systems in real-time, sharing reservation data, tracking check-ins and check-outs, monitoring guest information and more.

Dedicated iOS App

Guestplan iOS works both online and offline, providing uninterrupted access during wi-fi outages or for restaurants in areas with limited internet connectivity.

See and Manage reservations on the go - the app is a perfect tool for your staff on the restaurant floor.

The app can be used stand alone with our Starter plan or as a complementary tool to fully the featured web browser version with Guestplan Professional.

App access is included in both Guestplan Starter and Guestplan Professional subscriptions.

Screenshot of Guestplan iOS App

Flexible Subscriptions

Guestplan is an affordable and highly capable restaurant reservation system, available via 30-day, 90-day and 1-year subscriptions. We offer premium, professional and enterprise-level pricing through flexible plans that align with your unique needs and budget.

We invite you to try Guestplan Pro with a free 30-day trial.

  • Unlimited Guests and Reservations
  • iOS Application
  • Custom E-Mail Templates
  • Reserve with Google & Website Widget
  • Web Browser Access
  • Payments & Deposits via Stripe
  • Add Files/Attachments
  • Integrations / API Access
  • Unlimited Guests and Reservations
  • iOS Application
  • Custom E-Mail Templates
  • Reserve with Google & Website Widget
  • Web Browser Access
  • Payments & Deposits via Stripe
  • Add Files/Attachments
  • Integrations / API Access

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