Loyalty Led Growth

In the competitive hospitality industry, fostering guest loyalty is paramount to your restaurant’s success. With Guestplan, we offer more than just a reservation book; we provide the tools and support necessary to cultivate lasting relationships with your guests.

By focusing on personalized experiences and clear communication, we help you create an environment where first-time guests feel like valued regulars from the moment they walk through your doors.

Turn first time diners into regulars

Guestplan simplifies managing past reservations and guest preferences, enabling you to enhance the experience for your loyal guests.

By attending to their unique needs, you can strengthen their loyalty and maintain their patronage.

Reduce No-shows

Minimize the amount of no-shows with clear communication and easy reservation management. Set and communicate cancellation policies, deposits and prepayments effectively.

Use our waitlist feature to fill empty seats caused by last-minute cancellations and ensure optimal table occupancy.

Offer deals, suggestions and specials

Entice guests with irresistible offers and specials, whether it’s a lavish high tea, a satisfying lunch or an indulgent five-course dinner. Let guests choose what appeals to them and display your offers directly in the booking widget to increase engagement.

100% Booking Guarantee

Relax! Our intelligent booking algorithm ensures each reservation is assigned to a table without the risk of overbooking.

Improve guest satisfaction and loyalty by providing reliable booking process every time.

Online Reservations, 24/7

Make it easy for your guests to book online, 24/7  from your website, Google, or integrated partner sites.

Tailor the booking experience to reflect your restaurant’s unique image and ambiance, enhancing the overall guest experience.



Good relationships start with good communication. Find out how hospitality meets technology.


Work together in real-time on any phone, tablet, or laptop.


Insight-driven marketing automation tools to grow, build and analyze guest relationships.

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